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A year from now you may wish you started today!

iShareHow Institute LLC not like other branding systems, we take your digital content or brand and teach you how to bring it to market using our Systems, designed by marketers, for marketers. When you buy our services, it attaches you with systems and viewers a lot of people will pay thousands of dollars to have.

We use systems and team masterminds to built a profitable and sustainable marketing system for your brand.

iam Jamel Brown Owner Operator of iShare Branding Online | Created to provide you the tools and resources, you need reach maximum syndication.

“A year from now you may wish you started today.”

What is the inner circle? How do you join our team?

We are an exclusive group close to the center of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive. The Inner Circle, iShare latest online networking website, and system, bills itself as a network for top brand seekers; selective alliance with an extraordinary following of successful and engaging people.

  1. Are you stuck in the mud trying to figure out how to grow your brand to the next level?
  2. Are you looking for a solution to help you sell your business generating loads of traffic to your brand?
  3. Are you unsure where to begin?
  • My coaching combined with my inner circle system will have you soaring to new heights.
  • I will use my system to Guarantee your brand growth online.
  • It is my mission to help you take your passion and monetize it.
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Hey You!!

By clicking our video we will explain the amount of knowledge you can obtain purely from audio with the inner circle! Learn more about branding than you ever could from just randomly reading the internet. It contains hundreds of hours or content from motivation to how to close a deal. This training didn’t miss anything. We more than understand that to grow a successful business, you must also grow! If you do not grow, you cannot and will not grow a successful business! The inner circle will train and motivate you and give you the knowledge you need to accomplish anything you desire!

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Marketing Festivals & Team Masterminds

Our mastermind events are peer-mentoring groups with a diverse online business knowledge set. Each time we have one of these sessions our team leaves with new and awesome ideas for how to move forward.

We meet on a regular basis virtually but quarterly we meet in person to establish the way forward and connect with each other and to push each other to work to their highest potential and keep each other accountable.

We don’t just put a load of bloggers together but week keep our groups diverse with some bloggers, podcasters, maybe a video marketer, an affiliated person. Every time we meet up we put together was the perfect balance between ‘traditional’ business, online business, affiliate marketing, online marketing and SEO, startup and consulting mindsets.

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Who is the system for?

Managing all your marketing in one system is a tremendous cost saving to your blog growth. Discover why 10,000+ marketers are using kalatu Cloud to manage their online marketing activities on one easy platform.

Increase business sales and engagement in a few minutes. Attract more of your dream clients with the road mapped system I used to change my business forever. Our pro marketer tools help you generate faster leads, beautiful capture pages, easy to share products.

Lead generation is hard. Our proven online marketing program will get you qualified leads from people searching for your services online. Start your $7 14 day trial today. We guarantee to save you the time, energy and money of learning multiple platforms.

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Our Mission is Simple

Take Your Passion & Monetize It…

The company “iShare” sole mission is to take your brand and help you bring it to market correctly. We achieve our mission through, educating people, training teams, building products, and increasing viewers for small-business owners, entrepreneurs, brands, and opportunity seekers.
 For iShare to spare you the headache of learning how to leverage the internet and technology to get more customers without dealing with the technological systems, marketing mumbo-jumbo and overhead difficulties that frustrate many entrepreneurs and brand managers, is a key that can save your business many thousands of dollars.
Commit right now! To growing your brand.




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